About The Show

About the Show

Edak Willie Show is a 30 minutes TV magazine designed to educate its viewers on health and lifestyle issues.

The show is divided into two segments. On the Interview segment, Edak Willie whose show is named after her, in an open discussion, interviews medical professionals from different fields of medicine. She thoroughly squeezes out comprehensive explanation, preventions and solutions to confusing and controversial health issues. On the same discussion platform, celebrities from different walks of life are also invited to intensify the discussion & unravel some mysteries regarding the topical issues at hand.

The second segment, called “Medicine from your Kitchen”, Edak Willie takes her viewers into her kitchen and reveals to them some untold secrets on how to stay and live a healthy lifestyle by consuming some roots, vegetables and fruits that the general society probably ignore or do not know are medicinal. The segment reveals Edak Willie’s everyday secret to staying healthy and fabulous.

Sadly, norms and opinions in African societies today are still fuelled by ignorance. Man lives in constant fear of what he does not understand and so attributes it to the sketchy regions of the supernatural.

The Edak Willie show aims light on these issues thereby bring about better understanding for viewers through
knowledge-based discourse.

Ultimately, we hope to effect positive changes in the society through the medium of television broadcasting
and in so doing dispel myths; that inhibiting factor to every human attempt at progress.
We strive to continually push the boundaries of change, enlightenment and innovation and we seek to deliver
world class content in every episode.

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